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BJACH Opthalmology Clinic

BJACH Leadership

Location: 1st Floor, EENT Clinic
Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 0800-1630
Clinic phone: 531-3276/77

Access: Ophthalmological care is provided through a referral from your Primary Care Physician.

The mission of the Ophthalmology Service is to conserve the fighting strength in the realm of vision care by providing the highest quality eye care. Our clinic is open to Active duty service members, retirees, and all eligible beneficiaries. Our Ophthalmologist provides a broad spectrum of eye care from routine examinations to general medical eye care and surgical procedures, including Cataract Surgery. When complex, unusual, or serious eye diseases are encountered, the ophthalmologist works with TRICARE sub specialists in Ophthalmology to provide the best care for our patients. We look forward to serving you.

WRESP (Corneal Refractive Surgery - CRS) - LASIK or PRK: Click here for Refractive Surgery Packet

Each unit should have a designated point of contact (POC) for CRS - the name and number for your unit's CRS POC can be obtained by calling our reception desk at the number given above. If there are any questions regarding the following information, the unit CRS POC should be able to provide clarification or find out the correct answer.

CRS packets can downloaded here. CRS packets will need to be filled out completely by the soldier and signed by the Company and Battalion Commanders. Then the packet should be submitted to the EENT reception desk. The soldier will be placed on a short waiting list (usually between 1-4 months) will be contacted via phone or e-mail to schedule an initial CRS screening. Contact Lens wearers are highly advised to stop wearing contact lenses as soon as the packet has been submitted.

Several criteria must be met to be eligible for CRS: (1) the soldier must have a stable glasses prescription for at least one year. Therefore, an eyeglass prescription at least one year old must be submitted with the CRS packet. (2) The soldier must have 18 months left Active Duty FROM THE DATE OF THE SURGERY. (3) The soldier must have 4 months left at Fort Polk prior to PCS or deployment FROM THE DATE OF THE SURGERY. (4) Other criteria regarding the soldier's eyes and overall health will be evaluated at the initial CRS screening. A rigorous screening is required, as not everyone is a safe candidate for the procedure.

Col Marla J. Ferguson
CSM Roderick D. Taylor
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