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BJACH Health Promotion Section

BJACH Leadership

Location: 8103 Georgia Avenue, Building # 3516
                Directly behind the Consolidated Troop Medical Clinic (CTMC)
                Central Line: (337) 531-6880
                Fax:             (337) 531-9933

The BJACH Health Promotion mission is to deliver a healthy and fit force by integrating health promotion into the total Army through recommending policy, developing and evaluating wellness programs, providing training and technology support, collecting and disseminating information and assisting in research. Elements within the Health Promotion Program include Tobacco Cessation, Wellness Screenings, Wellness Counseling and Referral, Health Education, Health Awareness Campaigns, and unit level training.

Contact information
Section Chief: (337) 531-4740
HP Nurse:       (337) 531-3255
HP Technician: (337) 531-7945
HP Technician: (337) 531-3014
HP Technician: (337) 531-3776
HP Technician: (337) 531-4818

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Programs & Services

Tobacco Cessation: We offer a four-week behavior modification program to assist participants in quitting tobacco use. Medication therapy offered through the program includes Nicotine Patches and Zyban (Wellbutrin/Buproprion). Nicotine patches aid the physical recovery symptoms and Zyban aids the psychological recovery symptoms. Attendance at all classes and evaluation by our provider are requirements to receive these medications.
GRTQ Homework
Counseling Session Workbook
Quit Day Workbook
Stress and Weight.pdf
Graduation Workbook

Car Seat Inspections: Our certified Child Passenger Safety Technician will provide guidance on safe, proper and age-appropriate child safety seat installation. Inspections are provided free of charge every Thursday by appointment. For more information on car seat safety and the latest recalls visit the National Highway Traffic and Safety website.

Weigh2Geaux Program: Weight management program geared toward making permanent lifestyle changes. Participants are screened for physical barriers by their primary care manager and referred into the program. Screenings and attendance in the multidisciplinary class are required to dispense weight loss medication. Classes are taught by a variety of subject matter experts in their fields pertaining to weight loss and management. These classes are open to all beneficiaries.

Pregnancy and Post-Partum Physical Training (PPPT) Education: We coordinate speakers and topics to be presented to the Fort Polk PPPT program every Thursday.

Diabetes Class: Classes are open to all beneficiaries and is offered monthly. Subject matter experts in areas of medication, diet, nutrition, exercise, activity, stress, eye care and risk reduction lifestyle changes address diabetic concerns patients who are newly diagnosed, pre-diabetic or in need of tighter glycemic control.

Health Education/Counseling and Referral: We Provide education on a variety of health related topics such as cholesterol, cancer prevention, tobacco, hypertension, self-care, asthma, wellness, weight management and diabetes.

Health Awareness Campaigns: Community events designed to increase the public's awareness on a variety of health related topics such as tobacco, Diabetes, Hypertension, Self-Care, Wellness, Asthma, Cancer Prevention, etc. These campaigns are coordinated with agencies on and off post.

Unit-level Education: The Health Promotion Technicians will provide health education and/or awareness activities at the unit level. To coordinate education or an awareness event, contact the Health Promotion Nurse at 531-3255 or 6880.

Performance Triad BJACH Health Promotion is dedicated to the promotion of the Performance Triad a pathway to a healthier community.
The focus on the Performance Triad is on quality sleep, improving nutrition, and engaging in physical activity to reduce risk factors and improve overall health and readiness.

Visit the Performance Triad page for more information and products.

Resources and websites:

BJACH Health Promotion Current Events

Army Medicine Home is a website for the latest in army medicine and also the Performance Triad.

My Fitness Pal is a nutrition, calorie and activity tracker with web and smart phone applicability.

Army H.E.A.L.T.H is a website and smart phone app for healthy eating activity and lifestyle for Soldiers and civilians alike.

Choose My Plate The USDA website on healthy eating and nutrition.

Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness (CSF2) is the Army Fit website for resilience and performance.

Military One Source a web resource on benefits, deployments, re-integration, parenthood retirement and moves.

Human Performance Resource center (HPRC Home) is a website that contains information on readiness. It also contains a nutritional supplements safety database.

Supertracker USDA is the USDA website with a large database of nutrition information for supermarket foods, fast foods and sit-down restaurant chains.

UCanQuit2 Website with an on-line tobacco cessation program

Be Tobacco Free The US DHHS tobacco website with links to chat room, smart phone apps and text programs to help quit tobacco use.

SmokeFree.gov website is a website with links to smart phone apps and text quit programs to use to quit tobacco.

Latest Health Information and News:

Keep your Child from Getting and Spreading the ENTEROVIRUS D68
Step Conversion Chart
Soldier Health Maintenance Manual TG 272
A Guide to Female Soldier Readiness Technical Guide 281

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