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Medical Evaluation Boards

MEB Resources

Mission - Supporting our Warriors by providing superior disability evaluations while maintaining respect and dignity for all service members and their families.

Vision - Setting the standard for all Department of Defense Medical Boards.

Overview - If a Soldier's physical or mental condition falls below medical retention standards, the attending physician refers the Soldier to the Physical Evaluation Board Liaison Officer (PEBLO) to start the Medical Evaluation Board (MEB). The MEB is an informal process comprised of at least two physicians who compile, assess and evaluate the medical history of a Soldier and determine how the injury/disease will respond to treatment.

The MEB documents the extent of the injury or illness and decides if the Soldier's medical condition is severe enough to question his/her ability to continue serving in a full duty capacity.

The attending physician does this by relating the nature and degree of the medical impairment of the Soldier to retention standards and the duties that the Soldier may reasonably be expected to perform in his/her office, grade or rank.

If the physician believes the Soldier will be able to return to full military duties within a reasonable period of time, and the Soldier meets medical retention standards, then the MEB is not required.

Once the MEB process has begun, the Medical Treatment Facility strives to complete the board packet within 90 days and forwards it to the Physical Evaluation Board (PEB) located at Fort Sam Houston, Texas. The PEB makes the determination as to whether the Soldier should remain on active duty, should medically retire (permanently or temporarily), or should be separated (with or without benefits).

Quick Response Email Address: usarmy.polk.medcom-bjach.list.medicalboard@mail.mil

DOD/DVA Disability Evaluation System (DES) Pilot Program

DES Pilot Overview

Methods of Referral

The following directives and regulations set forth the policies and procedures implementing the statute:
DoD Directive 1332.18
DoD Instruction 1332.38
DoD Instruction 1332.39
AR 635-40

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