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Medical Evaluation Boards - Documents and Regulations

MEB Resources

Independent Medical Review
Form Document XFDL PDF
DA 7652 ***Commanders Duty Performance Statement***  
DA 2173 Statement of Medical Examination and Duty Status
DD 261 Report of Investigation - Line of Duty and Misconduct Status
DD 2807-1 Report of Medical History
DD 2808 Report of Medical Examination (Physical)
DA 31 Request and Authority for Leave (Leave Slip)
DA 3349 Physical Profile
DD 2870 Authorization for Disclosure of Medical Information  
  Request for Continuation on Active Duty/Reserve  
  Declination of Continuation of Active Duty/Reserve  
  MEB Worksheet  
  Legal Assistance During the MEB/PEB Process  
  MEB Office Policies and Procedures  
M 01-061
Permissive TDY Memorandum for MEB Soldiers  
  MEB Document Check List  
Other Helpful Documents
Form Document XFDL PDF
  Social Security Disability Benefits Pamphlet for
Wounded Warriors
  Army Wounded Warrior Program Resource Guide  
  Army Wounded Warrior Program Overview  
Regulations Governing the PDES Process
There are various Army Regulations (AR) that govern the PDES process. The documents listed below are the main AR's that cover the process.
Army Regulation 40-501 chapter 3 and 7 (Retention Standards and Profiling)
Army Regulation 40-400 (Patient Administration)
Army Regulation 635-40
(Physical Evaluation for Retention, Retirement, or Separation)
Army Regulation 600-60 (Physical Performance Evaluation System)
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to open the non-fillable PDF forms
PureEdge Viewer is required to fill the fillable XFDL forms (Requires AKO Access)


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