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Independent Medical Review

A Service member (SM) referred into the Disability Evaluation System (DES) may request a review of the medical evidence presented by the narrative summary or MEB findings. This request is done verbally or in writing by the soldier to his/her physical evaluation board liaison officer (PEBLO). PEBLOs will ensure they include a discussion of the IMR with their standard MEB checklist. The SM should ensure they are locally available for at least three weeks after the date of request to allow for medical review, SM rebuttal, if desired, and the convening medical board's authority return of their decision.

This request for an IMR is forwarded to the provider conducting the independent review, along with the summary of MEB findings. This provider is most commonly the patient's primary care manager (PCM) at Fort Polk. The exception occurs if the PCM is directly involved in the Service Member's MEB process, then a second EACH primary care provider will complete the IMR. The provider can review consults as needed for additional clarification.

After reviewing the records, the provider will have no more than five calendar days, excluding weekends and national holidays, to meet with the SM, advise the SM on the MEB findings, and dictate a narrative note with the details of these proceedings for inclusion in the SM's MEB record.

The SM is afforded the opportunity to request a rebuttal of the results of the MEB. The SM will have seven calendar days, excluding weekends and national holidays, to prepare a rebuttal to the convening medical authority.

All documents from the rebuttal are included with the MEB that goes to the PEB.


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