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BJACH Occupational Health Section

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Mission Provide services to promote the Health and Safety of the individual, the unit, the workplace, and the community. To assure that all eligible personnel are physically and mentally suited for job performance; protecting workers against adverse effects of safety and health hazards in the work environment; reducing economic loss through the civilian injury/illness program; and ensuring DoD personnel are medically deployable and combat ready relating to work-place hazards.

Vision To be a cohesive team of highly competent dedicated professionals that is responsive and provides expertise in the preventive medicine arena to JRTC and the Fort Polk community.

Address Extensions Hours of Operation
Building 3515
8099 Georgia Avenue,
JRTC & Fort Polk, LA 71459
Commercial: (337) 531-6131/2951
DSN: 863-6131
Fax: (337) 531-8728

Programs Elements and Services The Occupational Health Program objectives are IAW Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), DoD 6055.5-M, and DA Army Pamphlet 40-11, Chapter 5. Program elements and services include, but are not limited to the following:

  Program Elements Description of Services
1 Military Force Readiness for MEDDAC/DENTAC personnel Newly assigned MEDDAC/DENTAC military personnel are screened IAW DoD guidelines via the Army’s Medical Protection System (MEDPROS) designed to meet DoD requirements in maintaining Unit Medical Readiness (UMR) and Individual Medical Readiness (IMR).
2 Readiness- DNA Registry Program Monitor and Track DNA specimens collected for all deployable armed forces and Civilian personnel for JRTC & Fort Polk, LA.
3 Civilian Pre-Placement Hiring Examinations & In-processing Includes pre-placement and light duty physicals (establishing medical records). Evaluating and determining an individual’s physical, mental and psychological suitability considering functional and environmental factors at the time of their assignment.
4 Immunization Program Administer immunizations and chemoprophylaxis to DoD military and designated civilian personnel as a part of occupational and work-place exposures; and conditions of employment immunization requirements IAW ACIP, DoD Immunization Healthcare Branch guidance.
5 Administrative Medical Surveillance Includes Fitness for Duty and Reduction in Force examinations. Evaluating and determining an individual’s physical, mental and psychological suitability considering functional and environmental factors at the time of their assignment; and detecting changes and evaluating suitability for “new” job placement.
6 Civilian Resource Conservation Program (CRCP) Assist with the tracking of Civilian employees who have sustained a job-related injuries/illnesses or been exposed in the performance of their work duties; identify physical limitations/restrictions related to specific work environment; assists Dept of Labor (DOL), CPAC, and supervisors with return-to duty job placement of employees having temporary or permanent medical restrictions; and performs occupational Worksite Visits upon request to obtain information about work operations and potential hazards as it relates to medical restrictions.
7 Non-Occupational Illness Absence Monitoring Provides monitoring and assistance to supervisors relating to employees’ requiring return-to-duty from non-occupational illnesses/injuries that affect the employee's work performance; and promote co-operation among supervisors, management and employees.
8 Occupational Medical Surveillance Evaluate and monitor through periodic/annual Unit Based Surveillance (UBS) work-place hazards screenings considering physical, functional and environmental factors consideration during the performance of duties.
9 Occupational Exposure Surveillance & Tracking Investigating and evaluating incidences of occupational acquired infectious diseases, illnesses, and injuries with presumed workplace associations
10 (CBRNE) Chemical, Biological, Radiation, Explosive/Environmental Surveillance and tracking of Post-Deployment occupational exposures sustained during deployment. Based on data obtained at the RSRP re-deployment health assessments.
11 Bloodborne Pathogen (BBP) Contaminated Exposures Evaluation, assessment and monitoring employees that have sustained an occupational exposure to BBP in the performance of their duties; and Post-exposure follow-up evaluation IAW OSHA, CDC and DoD guidelines.
12 Latex Allergy Surveillance & Tracking Assessment determination prior to work placement for latex sensitivity/allergy and annual evaluation of latex sensitivity/allergy during the performance of duties. Notification of employees’ supervisors and unit safety officer with recommendations
/alternatives limiting exposure.
13 Respiratory Protection Program Medical screening and referral for pulmonary function testing for medical clearance for respirator usage.
14 Vision Conservation Program Oriented towards the preservation of vision conservation through periodic vision screening and counseling for occupations exposed to eye-hazards identified by Industrial Hygiene; and requiring the use of vision PPE during the performance of job-related duties.
15 Hearing Conservation Program Oriented towards the preservation of hearing conservation through periodic screening, and counseling for occupations exposed to noise-hazardous areas identified by Industrial Hygiene; and requiring the use of vision PPE during the performance of job-related duties.
16 Reproductive Hazards Surveillance Identifying, educating, counseling and monitoring pregnant personnel exposed to reproductive hazards in the work environment. Providing information/recommendations to profiling medical officers of work-related hazards with potential/actual contra-indications of pregnant active duty and civilian personnel. Military personnel screening via participation in the installation’s Pregnancy, Post-Partum, Physical Training (PPPT). Civilian screening via a scheduled appointment.
17 Occupational Health Hazard Education and Counseling Assist the installation and unit safety personnel providing work-place hazard exposure communication/counseling. Provided during the employees’ pre-hiring, periodic and exposure surveillance visits.

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