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Outpatient Records

BJACH Leadership

Mission Statement:
The Patient Administration Division strives to assist our beneficiaries by maintaining their medical information in a professional and concise manner.

*Birth Certificate Information* on main BJACH page

Patient Administration Information (Medical Records)

Outpatient Medical Records
(0800-1600 hrs. {Monday-Friday} Except Holidays)

In/Out Processing (Helpful Hints):
1. If you have just arrived from another duty station and have brought your records
   with you, please turn them in to the Outpatient Records Section as soon as possible.

2. Prior to making hospital appointments, you must be registered in the hospital
   computer system.

3. Beneficiary changes must be done through DEERS located at In and Outprocessing.
   Once this step is completed, please return to the hospital and Medical Records
   personnel can update registration information..

4. Must have orders, clearing papers and ID card in order to Outprocess.

5. BJACH does not allow Soldiers to hand-carry their medical. Soldiers who require
   a copy of their record for a medical appointments of post will be provided a copy.
   Soldiers PCSing to remote areas will be provided a copy of their record (ideally
   electronic but may be paper) and will be provided instructions on how to access
   portions of their medical record via the "Blue Button" on the TRICARE On-Line
   website. BJACH no longer transfers records to MTFs based on PCS orders.
   Gaining MTFs will request the records from the losing MTFs once the Soldier has
   completed TRICARE enrollment at their new duty location. The losing MTF will
   forward the Soldier's medical record as well as the family member medical records
   as applicable upon request."

Contact Phone/Hours of Operations: Correspondence/Release of Information: 337-531-3178 0800-1630 Monday-Friday

***Patients may request a copy of their medical record using a DD Form 2870 (Authorization for Disclosure of Medical or Dental Information) available online at : http://www.dtic.mil/whs/directives/forms/forminfo/forminfopage3206.html
either by mail or by visiting Correspondence. Please allow up to 30 days for processing.

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