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Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH)

BJACH Leadership

Welcome to the Baynes-Jones Army Community Hospital
Patient-Centered Medical Home Website!

What is a Medical Home (MH)?
Clinic Hours:
Services Offered
Who is on my healthcare team?
Which home do I belong to?
Secure Messaging/Relay Health (SMS)
How do I schedule an appointment?
How do I prepare for an appointment?

What is a Medical Home?
A Medical Home is a new approach to healthcare that focuses care around patients instead of focusing on healthcare systems. What this means in practice is that as a patient you receive more personalized care that is coordinated by an entire team, with a greater access to education and training self-management.

Having a Medical Home is like having an old-style family doctor, but supported by a team of professionals, using modern technology and evidence-based medicine to provide you with the best possible care. Your healthcare team will assist in coordinating care across multiple settings, and ensuring administrative and routine needs are met so that the provider’s time is focused on the more intensive management of your medical needs.

At the center of the Medical Home concept is the relationship you have with your Primary Care Manager (PCM). We do our best to ensure that you are seen by your PCM as much as possible. We believe that this continuity enhances the quality of your healthcare experience.

Some features of the Medical Home :
-We focus appointing on PCM and Team continuity.
-Your PCM has dedicated nursing staff to support your care.
-You can message your care team at any time via Secure Messaging.
-Your off-post consults will be tracked and coordinated by Medical Home staff.
-The Medical Home provides additional care and coaching for patients with Diabetes,
  Asthma, Depression, and Chronic Pain.
-Your Medical Home will notify you of all testing results, both normal and abnormal.

Clinic Hours:
We are closed for Training Holidays and Federal Holidays
We are now closed from 0730-0900 on Wednesdays for clinic training.
The clinic hours are from 0750-1520, Monday-Friday.

Services Offered:
-Management of acute and chronic illnesses
-Routine preventive care (all ages)

Procedures Offered:
-Newborn circumcision
-Intrauterine Device (Mirena, Paragard, Skyla) insertion and removal
-Nexplanon insertion and removal
-Minor Procedures (skin tags, skin lesions, lipoma and wart removal)

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Who Is On My Healthcare Team?
Remember, you are at the center of your healthcare!
Strive to maintain a healthy lifestyle
Take all medications as directed
Write down any questions and bring them and your medications to every visit
Keep the rest of your team informed of any other providers you see outside of your Medical Home.

YOUR Primary Care Manager (PCM)
The Doctor, PA, or NP who coordinates all your healthcare needs

YOUR Registered Nurse
Assists your PCM to coordinate your care
Is available to you via phone and/or phone messaging

YOUR Licensed Practical Nurse or Medical Specialist
Conducts your initial screening during each visit
Is your point of contact to relay any new or changed information regarding your health status

YOUR Consult Coordinator
Assists you in scheduling consult appointments outside of the Medical Home
Ensures timely communication between you, the rest of your Medical Home team, and non- Medical Home consultants

YOUR Nurse Case Manager and Population Health Nurse
Ensures you receive preventive healthcare services
May contact and schedule you for additional preventive care

Which Home Do I Belong To?
Family Medicine is divided into three Medical Homes: Red, White, and Blue. Your Home is based on your assigned PCM.

Red Home:  
PA Shelton, Willie (CIV) CPT Aziz, Mohammed (MD)
NP McCarty, Haley (CIV)  
White Home:  
CPT Pechenko, Irina (MD) NP Parris, Valentino (CIV)
LTC Jackson, Linda (MD) CPT Quarcoo, Robert (MD)
MAJ Pham, David (MD) LTC Sporer, Jeffrey (NP)
NP Hinson, Jessica (CIV)  
Blue Home:  
NP Craft, Danielle (CIV) NP Paddy, Kellie (CIV)
CPT Rosa, Cesar (MD) PA Johnson, Henry (CIV)
CPT Williams, Kaliq (MD)  

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Secure Messaging/Relay Health (SMS)


You can now access your healthcare team through secure messaging! Secure messaging is a secure, encrypted e-mail system that allows patients to safely send and receive nonurgent messages at any time of day or night. You can use secure messaging to:

- Ask a question
- Request/receive lab or imaging results
- Request an appointment
- Receive educational information or instructions regarding a problem you may be having
- Notify your healthcare team about changes in your health status (new medication,
  admitted to the hospital, etc)

To use this service, you must first be registered through the clinic and linked with your PCM. You can do this at your appointment by filling out a registration sheet. You will be entered into Relay Health by clinic staff and linked with your PCM. You will then receive an e-mail asking you to log in and complete the process.

Once registered you can send a secure message from practically anything that has Internet access, from your home computer to your smart phone!

When you have a new message in Relay Health, you will receive a generic e-mail stating that you have a message waiting. You can then log onto the site to view the message or send a message of your own. We will not send personal health information to your e-mail address. All health information will be contained within the encrypted Relay Health site.

Please contact your healthcare team for any questions related to Relay Health.

*Relay Health is not yet available for Pediatrics or Internal Medicine providers, but we expect to be able to make this service available soon. Please check back for updates!

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How do I schedule an appointment?
*For Emergencies Dial 911*
1. TRICARE Online at http://www.tricareonline.com
2. Routine Care or Medical related needs: call 337-531-3011 Monday – Friday 7:00am – 4:00pm, (Except Holidays)
3. Medical Advice Line (After Hours Only): call 1-800-602-7217

Call 337-531-3011 and select option 1. You will be given the option of either speaking with a booking clerk or leaving a message.

For minor illnesses, medication refills, completion of paperwork, or lab and other test results, a clerk will get a message to your nurse. Your nurse will contact you the same day for illnesses and within 24 hours for all other concerns.

How Do I Prepare for an Appointment?
To get the MOST out of your Medical Home visit you should BE ACTIVE in your care.
YOU are the most important member of your healthcare team.

Before your vist
• Create a list of your medications to include doses and frequency and any questions you have about them. Also bring information about care obtained at other locations.

During your visit
• Provide or verify your medical history. Ask questions and share in the decision making process.

After your visit
• Follow your care plan and keep your healthcare team informed.

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We have Relay Health for all providers.

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