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BJACH Department of Radiology

Radiology Services

File/FILM room

Radiology File/Film Room

The Radiology File Room is located on the 2nd Floor next to Mammography in the Radiology Department of Bayne-Jones Army Community Hospital. The number to the file room is (337) 531-3389. The fax number to the File Room is (337) 531-3709. The file room is open Monday through Friday from 0800-1630. All request for images and reports are processed through Release of Information (ROI), which these request are filled out at the Correspondence Section (Room 122), located on the 1st Floor of the hospital. This request is then presented to the File Room clerk. All copies of e-Film will be on CD-Rom. Hard copies will be printed for OR, Emergency transfer of patients or with approval of the NCOIC. Request for copies will be processed NLT 48 hours after the request has been received. Emergency request will be processed immediately.

If you need to take x-rays exams with you, or have copies made, the file room is where you want to be. If your PCSing, bring a copy of your orders to the Correspondence Room to fill out your request for films. At the very least, bring the full name and address of where you are PCSing too. If you have had mammograms here, it is imperative that you check these out and hand carry them, or have them forwarded to your new assignment location.

Films and Results

It is our policy that all films be read by a Radiologist before it leaves the area. If you wish to take films with you, you may need to wait until the Radiologist is done reading them. Orthopedics and Emergencies may be exceptions. Any Doctor with CHCS and ISITE computer access can view Transcribed results. It is suggested however that you wait at least 3 working days for the results to be transcribed and put into the system.

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